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Google Databoard: explore research data and create your own infographics
There are several key factors which impact a company’s decision how to shape their business. User reasearch, market data, context analysis are a life jacket to stay up to date about the most recent insights. Unfortunately — with a lot of studies and with data being constantly updated — it’s almost impossible to keep up. More
New YouTube mobile site
Last month I read a great thread on IAI-members mailing list, started by Jennifer Hale and titled "Mobile sites: Worth the time?". The right question is: how much is it profitable? Here's some data: Mobile is the seventh of mass media and the internet adoption (feature and smartphone) is 12%. 32% of mobile subscribers used More
Leanback Google
After Google TV, Leanback is the new step of Google towards TV, the richest media. The concept is not so new: the stream. Personal, social, favourite, referred, everything is an ingredient of this video salad ball. Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and IPTV prepared the market: about 10 million people watch web content on the TV right More
Il browser più veloce
I test di performance sono cose molto nerd che la maggior parte delle persone considera oltremodo noiose. Datemi degli argomenti per convincere qualche essere umano sano che stressare un sistema per vedere in quanti nanosecondi risponde ai comandi impartiti sia divertente. Divertire: ecco cosa è riuscita a fare Google con la produzione di Google Chrome More
Google Wave
This morning I saw the video preview of Google Wave. As they say, a product, a platform, a protocol (three P). It’s really impressive. It seems that the GooGuys have combined the intuition of wiki (collaboration), messaging (instant and delayed), social networking, tagging into an open source project (the 4th P). The first sensation is: More