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This theme hasn't just a story.
I can tell you three different tales. And every story is true.

Story 1

On September 29th I met some weird people during euroia 2012.

Especially this guy.

His name is Konstantin Weiss, and he works for informationarchitects.
The talk about Freitag was great so I started checking the company portofolio.

Story 2

That saturday I had to walk for 3 kilometers under the rain (that's another story).
After 4 days I got sick. Alone in my house with a strong cold, I started reading my pocket list and I found the IA³ theme. I bought it but… it was almost vintage! Maybe suited for WP 2.x, that theme hadn't any support for wordpress menus, any support for widgetsor i8n. But I was ill and I surrendered.

Story 3

I'm going to be father soon. I know that I will need to handle many new situations and I won't surrender easily. So I put my effort on that buggy theme and know you can experience it on rainwiz.com
Respons(able | ive) rainWiz. That's my new mood.

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