Fix my street and the techno activism

by rainwiz. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

FixMyStreet is a project to help communities report, view, or discuss local problems they’ve found to their local council by simply locating them on a map.

It launched in early February 2007 but I discovered it right now.

FixMyStreet is primarily for reporting things which are broken or dirty or damaged or dumped, and need fixing, cleaning or clearing, such as:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Dog Fouling
  • Flyposting or graffiti
  • Flytipping or litter
  • Streetcleaning, such as broken glass in a cycle lane
  • Unlit lamposts
  • Potholes

I hope that this techno activism (techtivism) will grow to a wider audience, simply because we need it!

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