Google Wave

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This morning I saw the video preview of Google Wave.

Google Wave Logo

As they say, a product, a platform, a protocol (three P).

It’s really impressive. It seems that the GooGuys have combined the intuition of wiki (collaboration), messaging (instant and delayed), social networking, tagging into an open source project (the 4th P).
The first sensation is: WOW. Is that possible?
The second one is: what about the experience of being overwhelmed by too much information?

After "the cloud", a new metaphor is served! The wave is an engaging concept: let’s surf it!
But old sailors know that waves are dangerous. In fact it’s really hard to imagine the interaction with a web application that is spread everywhere (API & Extensions).

Will Google give consistency and paths to waves? Will Google allow us to pass over and surf them?
As WebSailors, we’ll see. By the way, I’ve a lot of thoughts to share after this viewing:

  • Connectivity is the power and the browser is the new operating system.
  • There isn’t any message, just conversations (so cluterian!).
  • Blogspace is affected by broadcast paradigma: post and comments.
  • There isn’t any difference between message and feedback. Both are old words.
  • Playback culture will defeat log culture.


Come on folks, stop clapping at every feature… It’s sit-com style! Evertything seems unreal.

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  1. dinu says:

    I am all excited about this new project 🙂

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