Shane Willis

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About a month ago I saw this picture: Mc Mechanic – Hand Fixing Hand

MC MECHANIC - HAND FIXING HAND - Homage to MC Escher - Shane Willis photography

It's a tender homage to Mauritis Cornelis Escher, the great dutch drawer.
It's a work by Shane Willis, one of the most ironic photographers I've recently found.
Shane made a double dive: First from a draw to a photo, then from a photo to a fake image (retouch).

The idea I like is the analogic context: vacuum valves, screwdrivers.

– Hands are tools to represent the world (Escher – draws the unreality)
– Hands are tools to capture the world (Willis – photographs the unreality)
– Hands are tools to fix the world (drawing becames fixing)

The double dive is: to draw means to fix. Drawing is a mental act: you can fix reality!

Here' the original url: Mc Mechanic – Hand Fixing Hand (Homage to MC Escher)
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