Rugby World Cup 2011 – halftime

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The RWC pool phase is over.

Pool 1: New Zealand & Fance
Pool 2: England & Argentina
Pool 3: Ireland & Australia
Pool 4: South Africa & Wales

At first glance, it's a Tom Yorke situation:

Quarters calendar:

08/10 18:00 – Ireland vs Wales
08/10 20:30 – England vs France
09/10 18:00 – South Africa vs Australia
09/10 20:30 – New Zealand vs Argentina

Europe against Europe, (Four)Nations against themselves. It's a RHCP situation:

France should be the weakest team in the quarters, but they're the most unpredictable too.
I don't want to spend my time talking about italian team. Alberto did it and I totally agree with him.
I just want to talk about destiny, death & rebirth.

Carter's curse. The fear is around the corner

This morning Dan Carter has declared that his Rugby World Cup is over.

Dan Carter

The magic man: talent, cleverness and 21 points (6 Con, 2 Pen, 1 Drop) scored during two games is saying goodbye because of a groin injury. The All Black fly half said: "I knew it was pretty serious because of the pain and because it was quite unusual. I've kicked thousands of balls since I was a young fella and I've never had this happen kicking a ball. It has been really tough to try and put my finger on why and constantly asking 'why did this happen?' and I don't have the answer unfortunately. Lying in bed on Saturday night was pretty tough, looking back on what was probably one of the most craziest days of my life".

Saying goodbye isn't the hard part, it's what we leave behind that's tough. Now the keys of NZL team are in Colin Slade's hands. All Blacks assistant coach Steve Hansen said "Colin Slade needs to understand that he's Colin Slade, doesn't have to be Dan Carter". NZL team wants to win the world cup: next stop is going to be Argentina on October 9th. The Pumas are watching from the window. God seems to be south american…

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