Google Databoard: explore research data and create your own infographics

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There are several key factors which impact a company’s decision how to shape their business.
User reasearch, market data, context analysis are a life jacket to stay up to date about the most recent insights.

Unfortunately — with a lot of studies and with data being constantly updated — it’s almost impossible to keep up.
To make your life a bit easier, google developed the Databoard for Research Insights, which allows to browse some of Google’s recent research in a unique visualization tool.

The Databoard gives a proper answer to some big information foraging challenges:

  1. You don’t need to browse ugly reports: The databoard introduces a new way of presenting data. Any information is reported in a simple and beautiful way. Users can explore an entire study or jump straight to the topics or datapoints that they care about.
  2. You don’t need to cut and paste: Awesome insights and data are meant to be shared. When you find a brilliant piece of data, you definitely want to share it with a colleague, client, or a community on a blog or social network. Shareability is a design goal of google databoard that allows users to easlily share individual charts and insights or collections of data with anyone.
  3. You don’t need to reassemble the pieces of the puzzle: Imagine that you need to answer a specific question, like how people use their tablet at work, or how a specific type of consumer shops with his smartphone. What do you do? I suppose you start groping across multiple researchs to reassemble the pieces of the puzzle. The Databoard allows you to curate a customized report across multiple Google research studies.
  4. You don’t need to be a visual designer: The Databoard allows you to design custom infographic out of data points. Creating an infographic is quick and easy, and you can share the finished product with everyone you want.
  5. You don’t need a specific device: The Databoard is also optimized for all devices so you can comfortably explore the research on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


You can find now 6 research studies including Youtube Insights – October 2013, Unlocking the HTML5 Opportunity: What’s the Holdup?, The New Multi-screen World, Mobile In-store shopper research, Mobile search moments.

To get started exploring the Databoard and creating your own infographic visit google.com/think/databoard.

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