About a month of caffeine for Google

by rainwiz. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

About a month ago I read this post about Google Caffeine.
Here’s a quick test of the new engine.

I’ve tried this keyphrase: the name of my worst nightmare.

"Silvio Berlusconi" SERP in current google.com
"Silvio Berlusconi" SERP in caffeine beta

Is Google Caffeine faster? Yes, it is (0.26 sec. against 0.34 sec.). The caffeine cure works.

You’ll see some differences in the second part of the SERP, because the first five results are the same (other tests confirm this impression). Google.com presents news from nytimes.com, timesonline.co.uk, economist.com, elpais.com, telegraph.co.uk: it’s really current news oriented. Google Caffeine beta extends the context beyond topicality: imdb.com (cinema) and bloomberg.com (finance). Is it a little step to Wolfram direction? Maybe it’s too early to say…

Stay tuned!
Try it yourself at www2.sandbox.google.com and suggest improvements to Google!

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