Why do I love Kickstarter?

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I'm very happy for @simplescott.
His Designing Obama project successfully raised its funding.
I like Scott. I met him this autumn in Copenaghen during EuroIA 2009. He's a great and talented guy.

I'm not here to write about Scott qualities (it would be so long and your time is precius) but I want to focus on kickstarter.com.
It's a funding platform where someone can explain his idea and try to get the money to work on it.

Great ideas are valuable, but extremely hard to recognize and discover.
Kickstarter gives you this opportunity: visibility for your projects!
If you have a good idea and you're able to communicate it, probably money won't be a problem.
I don't have words to define that. Maybe a good one is revolution.
Hope you agree.

Yesterday I discovered Thounds.com, a great music collaboration web app, presented by a cool video!
I love this stuff too!

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