100 places

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Last month, during my EuroIA week end in Copenaghen, I ran into 100 places to remember before they disappear.
The idea: the world is beautiful but climate change is going to erase 100 wonderful places.

The comunication isn't using fear but is lead by aesthetics: climate change will destroy beauty.

I love this approach. It works. The photos are stunning.
I saw a lot of people moving towards the exibition attracted by the pictures, without any idea in matter of climate change: a smart way to involve new people on this cause!

You can also use the map of the 100 places to see what are we going to lose.

The 100 places is a multimedia communication project (made by Co+Life) that includes exhibitions, books, posters, postcards, television slots of the 100 stories, a good website for a planned user experience.

100 places

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