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100 places
Last month, during my EuroIA week end in Copenaghen, I ran into 100 places to remember before they disappear. The idea: the world is beautiful but climate change is going to erase 100 wonderful places. The comunication isn't using fear but is lead by aesthetics: climate change will destroy beauty. I love this approach. It More
London Calling
London is looking for an identity strategy (brief). The brand of the city is confused and needs to be synthesized. Territorial branding is a dangerous field. Corporations have identities based on marketing factors: products, target, price, etc. Places have a different mission: they have to represent everyone! Despite the bad habits that are consolidated in More
Google Wave
This morning I saw the video preview of Google Wave. As they say, a product, a platform, a protocol (three P). It’s really impressive. It seems that the GooGuys have combined the intuition of wiki (collaboration), messaging (instant and delayed), social networking, tagging into an open source project (the 4th P). The first sensation is: More