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I digicont all’international journalism festival del 2013
È un caldo marzo romano. Io sto bevendo un amaro Montenegro. Sapore vero. “Pronto? Ciao Federico, dimmi.” “Si? Il mio webinar è piaciuto molto? Bene. Ah, l’hanno letto in tanti nella tua azienda? Beh, sono contento. Ah, c’è dell’altro? Se m’interessa presentare il mio lavoro al Festival del giornalismo? Beh, si, ma non so se More
Using the storygraph as a map
In the last post I've introduced the storygraph as new deliverable to visualize the user needs/touchpints grid. Now I want to show how the storygraph had become a tool for discovering common user journeys. I'm a designer with a background in anthropology. My whole career is made of encounters as a common space of dialogue and exchange. Every researcher More
Introducing the storygraph
The storygraph is a deliverable I made to visualize the user needs/touchpoint matrix. Then it became a powerful tool, but let’s start from the beginning. Two years ago I was trying to represent how people interact with a whole system, over time and space. Call it by other names: cross-channel experience design, multi-channel service design, More